Radio Baha'i Keeping You Informed about COVID-19

Radio Baha’i is working hard to keep you connected and informed as the effects of the Coronavirus Outbreak are being felt in our area. Stay tuned to Radio Baha’i’s broadcasts at 90.9FM and to our live web stream for frequent updates and reliable information from sources you can trust.

The links below are to official government and medical sites for current information about the pandemic related to prevention, social distancing, personal habits, government orders, access to testing, etc.

South Carolina Information

South Carolina Testing sites and state statistics from the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control.

South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control COVID-19 portal page. Note links on the right to various information pages.

US National Government Health Agencies

Homepage for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) that is now serving as a portal for COVID-19 information.

National Institutes of Health, NIH, main website, with many links to Coronovirus/COVID-19 information.

The National Institute of Mental Health main website, with information about coping with stress and mental health during the pandemic.

COVID-19 Information - General

Worldometers has information about the current statistics on Coronovirus from around the world and across the US.


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